Okay, many of you have asked about my hair, teeth, and makeup. I am proud to announce that I now officially endorse the companies responsible for keeping me looking nice! From lipstick and eye shadows that stay put, to flawless hair and pearly white teeth, these companies offer the best services and products!

White's Barber Co.
Brian White, owner of "White's Barber Co.", is my personal barber. If you're looking for a precise cut (what I affectionately call a "Brian" cut), a family atmosphere and a shop where you don't have to wait all day to be seated, look no further! You can even make your appointments online! Ask for Brian and tell him Cherise sent you for a special discount off your first appointment.

Promo Code: Cherise

357 Main Street, East Suite
Laurel, MD 20708

Ayinde is my personal hair stylist, hair color specialist and makeup artist. He performs these same services for Patti LaBelle, Yolanda Adams, and many more. Tell him Cherise sent you!

Promo Code: Cherise

Dr. Marcus S. Tappan & Associates, P.C.
Center for Cosmetic and Comprehensive Dental Care


Experience a whole new concept in dental care...Total Relaxation Dentistry. Many people dread going to the dentist. I actually ENJOY it! Dr. Tappan and his staff are incredibly gentle, and the office is like a day spa! See for yourself!

Promo Code: Cherise

8611 Second Avenue, Suite 101
Silver Spring, MD 20910


This lip color isn't like anything you have ever experienced before. Once this semi-permanent lip color is applied, it REALLY won't come off on your cups or kiss off. Best of all, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee! Karole will tell you all about it!

Promo Code: Cherise

Just Gotta Sing!

For all of my friends who "just gotta sing", here is where I get my throat sprays, educational information, and more! Scott has been introducing new products and tools specifically for the vocal industry since 2004. His website is just for us so we can have a one stop shop for all of our throat, sinus and vocal needs.

Promo Code: Cherise